About Us


Where Creative Drama Builds Confidence and Character in Kids and Teens!

Drama Maniacs develops confidence and speaking skills in kids and teens through a variety of high-energy drama activities and exercises, workshop performances, and shows.

Our dynamic, fast-paced classes explore the wide world of acting and drama with a particular emphasis on improvisation and student-created work


Drama Maniacs is not just for those kids and teens who are already passionate about drama.  It is a place where introspective students find their voice and exuberant students learn to focus their abounding energy.  Drama Maniacs cultivates enthusiasm for drama, while students learn to articulate themselves clearly and confidently.


Get ready to see your kids and teenagers show off their accomplishments, because you will be invited to many performances throughout each session! In addition, each session will culminate with a parent, family, and friends performance where students will showcase their own Drama Maniacs production!*

*Type of production is determined by the class in which your child is enrolled.


DON'T MISS OUT!  Enroll now and let the Drama Maniacs fun begin!!