(Owner / Director)

Kim Williams

Kim had a very fortunate artistic upbringing. She attended an elementary and middle school with terrific drama programs. She attended an arts high-school (Mayfield Secondary School in Ontario, Canada), where she auditioned and was accepted into their four-year Drama Program. She then went on to complete her BFA in Music Theatre from the University of Windsor in Canada. Upon graduating, Kim spent several years working as a professional actor in everything from Shakespearean plays to Music Theatre productions to Improvisational theatre.

Excited to become a teacher, Kim obtained her California Teaching Credential (K-5 Multiple-Subject Credential with authorization to teach Theatre and Vocal Music) and her MA in Education from Antioch University, Los Angeles. She soon realized that a traditional classroom was not her calling. Kim approaches all areas of teaching with energy and enthusiasm, but her true passion in life is teaching drama. Kim is experienced in the education of special needs children and teens. She is very passionate about providing all kids the opportunity to participate in drama education programming specially tailored to suit their specific needs.

As the Assistant Director of Drama Kids of Las Vegas, Kim’s drama students always told her she was “crazy” when she suggested they walk like a duck or talk like a caveman. She’s learned that sometimes all it takes is a little “crazy” to make your dreams come true. Drama Maniacs is the drama program that Kim would have wanted when she was a kid and she’s so happy to be sharing it with you and your family!